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Ashālyn Sarah is a Los Angeles based producer who specializes in short form documentary content for gen z and millennial audiences. With her “people first” Ideology, every production she leads prioritizes the human experience and audience reception. 

 Her career in the entertainment industry began at a young age where she had the opportunity to work with television writers and producers, as well as film writer and director Tina Mabry, and writer and producer Yakira Chambers. Each experience guided her further into the heart of production and ultimately led Ashālyn into a well-accomplished career within production. She received a B.A. in Television and Film with a concentration in Documentary & Social Justice, where she continues to utilize her production and sociological skills to produce interactive content for various media platforms.

From the nine part series Life In The Pacific Northwest’ to ‘Savor’, the series' Ashālyn's had the privilege of leading projects that continue to break records and reach audiences beyond her targeted demographic, while impacting the community she strives to uplift. 

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